• Participate in the PreSale of $TeeCN Token.

    Currently $TeeCN = $0.01, and it will be higher soon.
    Perfect time to buy.
  • Please enter a number from 10 to 10000.
  • Please send the exact amount of BUSD (USD you mentioned above) at below mentioned BSC Wallet Address:

    Wallet Address - 0x0D9FF8695487295b196e2e1a3905629F1a9B204A

    *The exact amount (what we received in BUSD) of $TeeCN tokens will be sent to the below mentioned receiver wallet address.
  • After sending the BUSD to the BSC address mentioned above, please share your BSC receiving wallet address and TXN hash to confirm your purchase.

If you are willing to Stake your $TeeCN tokens, to get attractive “Daily Staking Bonus”.

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Website – www.KoreANAnetworks.com